About Malmesbury Card Company

As the name suggests we started with just greetings cards of Malmesbury, but have now grown to offer poster prints of both the town and places nearby. Regardless of the product we approach what we do with the following values:


Malmesbury Card Company was created to offer cards and posters featuring graphic design and illustration that celebrate the great historic town of Malmesbury and the beautiful surrounding area. The designs take inspiration from vintage travel posters, as they were used to champion towns and regions.


Not harming the environment is extremely important to us, and after experimenting with a few different card types, all of them are now printed on recycled paper. We use an FSC approved printer, so everything comes from responsibly managed sources. We also now use biodegradable clear plastic wrappers for the individual greetings cards.


All of the posters and cards are designed by hand, not just putting a filter on a photo or something similar. There's more about the process here.


In future the company also aims to work with local illustrators and artists to put their work on cards in limited edition runs. If you are such a person living around the area and have some work you think could be suitable, please get in touch on info@malmesburycards.com.


This is a small craft enterprise, where the founder Matt and his family run market stalls, and pack and post orders by hand. 


Cards from Malmesbury Card Company